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For the first time App HAIR will bring your salon “within reach”

App SPA will allow any hairstylist to offer an on-line information service about the company, a window with all the products and services and the chance to send real-time news and promotions throught push notices .

Nowadays having a place in the App Store and Google Play Store is fundamental. Add a step in your customer journey: increase the digitalization of your business and create a value-added both for you and your clients!

App Tabs


Introduction of the company through: picture, personal logo, name and informative text.


Window with the products/services for sale splitted up according to the group, title, subtitle and description, with the chance to enclose and share multimedia contents.


Real time communication of events, promotions and news to customers (and their friends) through “Push notices”, with the chance to enclose and share multimedia contents.


Collection of pictures and ideas to be shared with all your customers.


Working time and direct contacts of the company. Telephone, location on the map, e.-mail address, website, social network links (Facebook, Twitter) and contacts area.